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Information disseminating platform


Transitioning to the digital era


Complete overhaul of the secure section of the cote100.com site. Transition from a paper newsletter to an electronic newsletter.

• Improve the service and content available to management customers
• Migrate current financial letter subscribers to a new model providing three levels of access
• Generate frequent contact opportunities
• Favour upselling (i.e., persuading a customer who is already buying something to buy something more expensive, for example a management contract)
• Provide the company with a means of developing the English Canadian market
• Eliminate phone calls for support (connectivity issues, subscription renewals, requests to speak with a manager, etc.)


A multiuser platform accessible by all devices. Simple to operate by both users and managers. Versatile and efficient, this solution uses existing technologies that it integrates perfectly in keeping with a common guideline. Very low-cost design and use given the high number of users.