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Web server and service consolidations


Modern marketing solutions
supported by technology


An advertising agency has very specific needs in terms of performance and storage. However, communication specialists require the services of IT specialists.

Each member of the team exhibits creativity and enthusiasm. Their digital marketing solutions are innovative and effective. All that was missing was an IT infrastructure that was just as effective.


Our solution

The email service often crashed, could not handle large files and was not compatible with modern mobile devices.
A migration to Office 365 solved the problem. The service is now fast, reliable and multiplatform.
The storage and retrieval of large files by the team’s file sharing server were slow operations and often led to crashes. Also, the backups were rarely done correctly.
A broadband network infrastructure was installed for all of the workstations. A high-performance file sharing server was installed at a fraction of the cost of a modern server. Local and remote backups do not cost an arm and a leg.
The web servers were often off-line. Hacking led to many security flaws that were a real problem. Costs were prohibitive and programmers are not network specialists.
The transfer of websites to a cloud-based service and the addition of a site management service made it possible to meet customers’ needs and free the programmers from this chore.


A creative and productive team that focuses on its know-how rather than on its IT!